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6 Apr 2011

New Edit from Marcus of the Lurkers

I met Marcus for the first time about three years ago, on a sunny day at the little bowl up at Finsbury Park.  He was totally into nose-picking  beck then, actually he's still into to them, and his open positive attitude was immediately apparent when he was showed me the scar from having his heel chopped off in a motorcycle accident, gave up football and started skating instead.

Fast forward to 2011 and he's got the cover of [LIALC] issue 3 all tied up (Just waiting for me to sort the rest of the issue out) and he's keeping the Kingston scene bubbling along nicely with the Kingston Lurkers and generally getting stuff done.

Once the new Kingston park is finished I think we'll be seeing a lot more of the Lurkers but for now check out this little edit of Marcus' exploits from the lenses of James Smith,Jack Maddison and Paul Labadie.

Tonight I'm off to The Spot/The Fox Spot, to skate some brand new concrete.


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